Choosing the right Gear Washer

Choosing the right gear washer for your application is important and not always easy to do.  There are many factors involved and we can help you with that selection.


Our Continental Gear Washers are widely used in the USA and offer key features that allow you to care for the gear that protects you at key moments.   The links below will help you with choosing the right size, the type of gear washer, programming, soap systems and accessories.


Of course you can call us directly at  513-771-4020 and we can assist you with your selection.

Because The Best Way to Clean Gear Is A Highly Programmable, Soft-mount Commercial Washer Extractor


Industry experts agree highly programmable commercial laundry equipment is key to washing fire department gear correctly in order to avoid damage to the gear itself. Fire departments should use washers offering programmable water temperatures and levels, extract speeds, multiple bath options, and automatic chemical (detergent) injection. They should also be able to program multiple wash actions, cylinder rotation options, and wash time. Continental Girbau's laundry equipment effectively removes contamination from protective apparel—keeping firefighters safe! The front-load washers can automatically inject the right type and quantities of detergents at the appropriate water temperature and level—preventing inconsistent and damaging results.

Continental internationally known for their quality washer extractors.   The manufacture both the traditional HARD MOUNT washer that is anchored to the floor and the more advanced SOFT MOUNT washer that does not require anchoring.



Complete Fire Gear Laundering Brochure
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LG Platinum Washers
LG Platinum Washers

NEW! LG Platinum Vended & On Premise washers manufactured exclusively for Continental and distributed by Machinex.

  • Direct Drive Motor
  • Programmable Control with Special Pricing
  • High Speed Extract
  • Commercial Warannty
  • Platinum / Stainless Look Finish


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