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By operating on-premise laundries, hotels and motels can save considerably over sending linens out. By choosing commercial washer and dryers that conserve utilities and bolster laundry production, on-premise facilities become even more cost-effective. With Pro-Series Washer-Extractors, hotels enjoy reduced labor and utility costs and improved productivity.

E-Series High Extract
Pro-Series Washer-Extractors produce extract speeds of up to 387-G force — double the extract of most traditional, hard-mount commercial washers. Facilities can expect to cut dry time by as much as 40 percent, as a result. High-extract significantly boosts laundry productivity and cuts gas consumption! Because it takes less time to complete the laundry, facilities save markedly on labor and overtime.

Automatic Chemical Injection

To ensure the right cleaning chemicals and softeners are used at the appropriate water temperature and cycle, Pro-Series offers automatic chemical injection capabilities—an essential feature for hotels and motels concerned about proper removal of stains and other contaminants. Auto injection eliminates the need for adding chemicals manually and chemical overuse and waste. It ensures items are properly cleaned every time! Typically, automatic chemical injection can result in a significant savings in detergent costs.

Soft-Mount Design is Key

For some facilities with little space, Continental's E-Series washer's soft-mount design means the washers can be installed nearly anywhere without concrete foundations or bolts.



Of course, these commercial washers are highly programmable so facilities can wash anything from towels, linens, tablecloths and mop heads to blankets and comforters. In use at laundries worldwide for more than 17 years, Pro-Series commercial washers feature an easy-to-understand programming system with 79 program selections, including 20 pre-programmed options and 59 user-programmable options. These high performance commercial washers couldn’t be simpler to operate—just push a button and go!

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LG Platinum Washers
LG Platinum Washers

NEW! LG Platinum Vended & On Premise washers manufactured exclusively for Continental and distributed by Machinex.

  • Direct Drive Motor
  • Programmable Control with Special Pricing
  • High Speed Extract
  • Commercial Warannty
  • Platinum / Stainless Look Finish


NEW APOLLO TUNSTALL HE-TA-50  Energy Saving Steam Trap.


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