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Commercial Laundry & Dry Cleaning Equipment
 Sales, Service, Parts & Design

Commercial Laundry & Dry cleaning Equipment

Sales, Service & Parts

If you have clothes to clean, towels to wash, sheets to iron, suits to finish, gear to disinfect, Machinex is here to help you with your equipment decisions. 

We provide equipment solutions for businesses that use laundry equipment to support their main business such as Hotels, Motels, Clinics, Hospitals, Fire Departments, Vet Clinics.

Commercial Washers

commercIal laundry equipment

Washers and dryers are used in many different types of facilities.  Machinex offers traditional hard mount washers for simpler applications and for the budget conscious.  We also offer technologically advanced soft-mount washers that can be installed virtually anywhere, offer greater performance, and save energy.  


It’s hard to stay on top of everything that’s going on with the dry cleaning machine market.  New solvents, new machine configurations and changing regulations make it virtually impossible for someone that has a business to run to keep up.

Let us put our expertise to use in helping you make that decision.

Union Dry Cleaning Machines


Our laundry equipment is developed with balance in mind. Washer extractors must deliver not only top-level quality washing results, but the results must be balanced with energy efficiency and water-savings.

Vended Laundry


We provide equipment solutions for businesses that use laundry equipment to support their main business such as Hotels, Motels, Clinics, Hospitals, Fire Departments, Vet Clinics, Correctional Facilities, Salons, Dairy Farms, Car Washes, and Educational Facilities. 

Serving Ohio & Surrounding Areas

Since 1954 Machinex has been collaborating with its customers to design efficient laundries and dry cleaning facilities with quality cleaning equipment and making sure it operates properly.


We believe that by involving ourselves in the day to day business of our customers we can be an integral part of their success.  Understanding your goals and challenges assists us in helping you meet your needs.


There is no substitute for having a close relationship with your equipment supplier.  There are constant changes in equipment, new developments, new technologies, not to mention ever changing regulations governing waste and energy sources. 

We actively support commercial, industrial, SLED and Private Laundries across Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia & Pennsylvania. From facility design & costs accounting to sales & equipment service, our team of tenured experts welcome the opportunity to help solve some of your biggest safety, cleaning & productivity challenges. 


We were able to move a large facility with over 100 pieces of equipment over three weekends and not miss a day of production.


Using real time online sharing and our computer design software we collaborate with the owner, the consultant and various equipment  suppliers to refine a layout from scratch that would maximize the efficiency of the plant and provide a smooth flow from mark-in to delivery. Keep Reading

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