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Since 1954 Machinex has been collaborating with its customers to design efficient laundries and dry cleaning facilities with quality cleaning equipment and making sure it operates properly.


We believe that by involving ourselves in the day to day business of our customers we can be an integral part of their success.  Understanding your goals and challenges assists us in helping you meet your needs.


There is no substitute for having a close relationship with your equipment supplier.  There are constant changes in equipment, new developments, new technologies, not to mention ever changing regulations governing waste and energy sources.  Monitoring and staying on top of these ever evolving topics is our job.  Machinex has the advantage of having a broad view of the market and a wide range of experience with what is successful.


At Machinex, we have carefully selected the products we work with based on performance and reliability of the equipment but also based on the philosophy and outlook of the manufacturer.  Being close to the industry we know where to put our trust, where product development is headed, and how to put these issues in focus when formulating your capitol equipment investment planning.

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