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Established in the US since 1984, we at Union Dry Cleaning specialize in dry cleaning excellence. We are a flagship brand of the FMB Group, the world’s leading manufacturer of professional dry cleaning machines, located in Bologna, Italy.

Headquartered just south of Atlanta, GA, we offer the dry cleaning industry a full line of machines that utilize any of the solvents now in the US. Union machines are noted for their innovative designs, cutting edge technology, safety of operation, highest quality control, and full compliance with Federal, state, and local regulations.

Union is the largest manufacturer of textile dry cleaning equipment for use with all Class III-A alternative solvents and perchloroethylene. We also sell the Cloud model which cleans without use of solvent.

Are you already a client of ours and your dry cleaning machine needs some routine maintenance? 

Clean your customers’ clothing, households and other precious items with state-of-the-art dry cleaning machinery by calling our sales team today. We look forward to building a long-term relationship with your business & Union Dry Cleaning Equipment.

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We provide equipment solutions for businesses that use laundry equipment to support their main business such as Hotels, Motels, Clinics, Hospitals, Fire Departments, Vet Clinics, Correctional Facilities, Salons, Dairy Farms, Car Washes, and Educational Facilities. 

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