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Commercial Laundry Equipment Service & Support in Cincinnati, Ohio

Machinex technician’s have years of industry experience both in manufacturing and in service.  They know how machines are assembled and what possible problems you may run into.


We also offer maintenance programs on a bi-monthly, quarterly or semi-annual basis.  Our experience shows, that maintenance programs actually lead to lower repair costs and much less down time.  If a skilled technician has a regular opportunity to review your equipment, you are much less likely to be surprised by the unforeseen breakdown when the rooms are full on a weekend, 1000 shirts have to be pressed or it’s a Saturday afternoon in the Laundromat.


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Use our "Send A Message" page to send us your contact information including your email and the name of your business and we'll provide you with a password to access our technical documentation page.


If you don't see what you need, just let us know and we are likely to have it and we can get it up on the web.

Insuring that your equipment is operating properly is our on-going goal.  There will be times however when a machine fails at just the wrong time.  Machinex has factory trained service technicians that have over 50 years of collective industry experience to solve those difficult and hard to diagnose problems.

Our service technicians are not equipment salesmen.  They are trained to diagnose and repair, not to sell you a new piece of equipment. 

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We provide equipment solutions for businesses that use laundry equipment to support their main business such as Hotels, Motels, Clinics, Hospitals, Fire Departments, Vet Clinics, Correctional Facilities, Salons, Dairy Farms, Car Washes, and Educational Facilities. 

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