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Different Types of Gear Dryers for Different Needs

Machinex offers both Cabinet and Stickmen-style gear dryers, each with unique features depending on your particular requirements.   See below for more information.

STABER Cabinet Dryer.png


The Staber Model 2201-6 Gear Dryer is a 6 Gear Drying Cabinet that includes: 4 turnout gear airflow coat hangers, 2 airflow boot hangers and (1) thirteen pair glove rack.


Heat and dry time are controlled by a microprocessor and the air circulates inside and around the gear for fast dry times.

Continental ExpressDry Stickman-Style Gear Dryers for Fire Departments

Gear Dryer - Fire.jpg

Continental ExpressDry Stickman-Style Gear Dryers are engineered to safely and quickly dry personal protective equipment, including turnout gear, helmets, gloves, boots, face masks, and self-contained breathing apparatuses (SCBA). The dryer works by blowing a large volume of air, at high pressure, safely through the garment—drying even hard-to-reach areas. NFPA compliant, the Continental ExpressDry Gear Dryer accommodates up to six turnout suits simultaneously—ensuring firefighter gear is safely dried and returned to service in hours, not days. 


Moreover, these gear dryers are easy to store as they are mounted on casters, and break down easily.


The Continental Express Gear Dryers are available in three configurations.  Links to the specifications for the different models are below:

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