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Union Cloud Steam Cleaning

Union Cloud Steam Cleaning

The new Union “Cloud” was introduced at Clean 2015

The Cloud steam cleaning machine uses no solvent at all, it does require some water and laundry based detergent. The design of this machine is nothing like the industry has ever seen. The process uses only about 1 gallon of water for the cleaning process and 14 gallons of water for the drying process. The process uses a cloud of detergent and water to coat the garments in the drum, and then dry steam is used to flush the detergent, water, and dirt from the garments.

This small amount of non-toxic waste is drained out to a conventional drain, then the garments are dried using warm air and a fan motor. The machine can clean virtually anything including shoes, wools, silks, expensive dresses, suits and any normal dry clean only garments.

The process used in the Union “Cloud” eliminates the need for expensive tensioning equipment, the garments come out with a feel of being dry cleaned. Installation of the machine is simple, there is no extracting of the garments. All that is required is 15-20 amps of three phase electricity, 20 psi of steam, 80-100 psi of compressed air, and a soft water supply.

For easy installation, the machine does not require bolting to the floor.  

*LED Door light standard


  • Dialog Plus
  • I-Connect
  • Dazzling Results
  • Low Water Consumption
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