Machinex is proud to offer a line a Fire Gear cleaning chemicals that not only follow NFPA regulations but are simple to use and even simpler to install.


We've tried several systems and have come to recommend the Fire Soap line of products.  Generally, everyone believes that more is better when it comes to detergents - which is not the case!


Too much soap is not only costly and wasteful but can cause problems with your washer and leave unnecessary residue on your gear.


The Fire Soap system is a One-Button system that automatically measures the correct amount of soap required for your gear washer and injects it into the washer cylinder with the push of one button.  This eliminates corrosive soap build up on the washer in addition to insuring a consistently good wash.


Moreover, these soaps are simple to store, last a long time in storage and aren't liquid, so they don't take up a lot of space and don't require you to pay for shipping water which is a major component of most liquid soaps.


Click on the link below to order replacement soap containers from Machinex.

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