Soft Mount vs Hard Mount

Continental manufactures both types of Gear Washers: Soft Mount and the Traditional Hard Mount.


Hard Mount washers don't have a suspension system and are anchored to a concrete floor.  Depending on the capacity of the washer they may require a concrete thickness of 6 to 14 inches.  These units should also be grouted in order to insure even contact with the floor surface so the unit does not loosen and pull up from the floor.


Soft mount units have their own have their own suspension systems and don't require anchoring.   To stabilize their performance they have heavy ballast weights to insure smooth operation.  The result is a much easier installation, a higher performance machine and the ability to more easily relocate the unit if necessary.


Moreover the soft mount units are typically equipped with the more advanced controls.  This combination of performance, ease of installation and programmability provide you with the flexibility going forward to adapt to new types of gear materials.

Why is Continental Girbau's High Performance Soft-Mount Washer Design Critical?

Because you may not have the budget, time or space to install a concrete foundation with reinforcing rebar. With Continental's soft-mount design, fire departments can install their washer in truck bays, utility rooms or storage areas – without bolts and new foundations. The high performance soft mount commercial washers slide easily into place.

Programmability is Key!

Fire department gear is costly and should be washed carefully according to manufacturer's guidelines to prevent damage. That means water temperatures and levels, extract speeds, baths and cycle times must be programmable. Using different programs, a fire department can wash a variety of items – turnout suit shells and linings, truck towels, EMS jump suits and more. In use at laundries worldwide for more than 17 years, Continentals' high performance commercial washers feature an easy-to-understand programming system with 79 program selections, including 20 pre-programmed options and 59 user-programmable options.

One-Touch Operation

Once programmed, operators simply choose a program number and the machine automatically blends optimum water temperatures, water levels, chemicals, extraction speeds and cycle time—ensuring quality laundering results.

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