New Energy Saving Traps

Apollo Tunstall has partnered with our industry to develop a high efficiency steam trap specifically designed for dry cleaning and laundry.  The HE-TA-50.

Tunstall Steam Capsules have been in service since 1985. Their warranty performance since that time has resulted in a practically nonexistent failure rate.

The Tunstall Steam Trap Capsule has changed the nature of the steam trap repair business.

Before the advent of stainless steel forming and TIG welding technology, steam traps consisted of thermostatic parts made by crimping and soldering of plated materials; the chief feature of this system resulted in products that had built in obsolescence. Hydro formed phosphor bronze bellows were more successful but the cost was considerably higher than common diaphragm cage assemblies.

Tunstall Steam Trap Capsules are fabricated of TIG welded stainless steel, which take advantage of existing Aerospace Technology, with extremely close manufacturing tolerances. Their stainless steel bellows counterparts can be found on commercial aircraft and aerospace equipment throughout the world.

Tunstall Steam Capsules retrofit almost all thermostatic steam traps made in this century. Each capsule is individually tested and calibrated before shipment. We believe Tunstall Steam Trap Capsules are by far the best way to repair and upgrade existing traps for years of trouble free service.

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LG Platinum Washers
LG Platinum Washers

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NEW APOLLO TUNSTALL HE-TA-50  Energy Saving Steam Trap.


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